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The History of my Civilisation

European' Invasion


I have written this small piece of my

Civilization´s history with the hard and up side down

sacrifice, lying under the oppression of the European´s Invasion.

But seeing the obligation tell to the whole Humanity the crimes of the

European invaders and their invasion holocaust in my civilization, now I

made my best effort in write this history,

that the invaders keep in the black hole of the knowledge.

This is the last yell of my Civilization, we don´t want recover

all our lost, or give you hate for those people,

only we wish that you know us like a real inhabitants

of my Continental Territory, that you

know already like America Continent.

Today I am making this book in ones of the invader

languages for show that European´s invasion made with

my Civilization and others that was a creation of a killer monarch

under their conquers, soldiers, pirates, filibusters, servants and slaves.

I dedicate this message to my descendants

(C.N.A. and J.A.A.), as a last Civilization,

because there is nothing else to live and resign our effort for be free.

Edgar A Aguilar Æ


  • European Invaders since 1460 are spellbound by the predictions of those, you falsely called CONQUERS, who do nothing but fill invasions with crimes, lies and distort the truth. I am going to tell you about European´s Invasion, which were approached my Civilization and Continental Territory today named America, I mean they destroyed my people, culture, traditions, style life, cities, and stole the grammar language for performance their, without say all their crimes did in my Civilization.

  • According to some their invasions made in the others continents (Africa, Asia and Oceanic), Europeans’ historian has even weighed it the world history, and they write it the invasion was necessary and the conquers has certain Rights, as if it were a owners or Gods of the planet. But this is not Right of Human society or inhabitant of these Continents, otherwise of this planet.

  • Comparing the power of invasions in the world history, the European´s Invaders were five or six times criminals than Adolf Hitler. Since 1492 thru 1530 their killed more than 400,000,000,000 of my ancestors in our Territory Continental (pole to pole). The European Invaders were a huge monster invaders that nothing can stop or avoid.

  • The European monarch and servant believe in the beginning that this is a new India country way, that was a big lie gave it for them the rest of Europeans monarchs like that they will cover the end of their poverty, but in fact were the beginning of the end for my great Civilization and wonderful Continental Territory. Today they are already here. The other world, the old world exactly they called themselves.

  • When my Civilization knew this Invasion and they were making every effort to stop them and avoid this invasion, they could not, the only way for survive was hide in the forest, like that we can be alive.

  • However, nobody could were able to stop it, even the Africans or Asians with the experiences of fight versus others invaders or among themselves, they could were not stopped the European invasion advances.

  • How will could my Civilization stop those monsters invaders with a powerful weapons and a great kill experience of gladiators, when we don´t have any kind of weapons and we believe in peace and the faith of the Human Being.
    Those invaders are the punishment we can not deserve, to put away and end to so much European invaders was and is impossible.

  • The European invaders by its own Inhumanity, as perverse as their own and whom thought the earth planet was a flat territory or as far away as they can see. Like their brain with a 2 MHz velocity for think.

  • Each European kingdoms, each monarchy territory or country has its own King and Queen, whom fought for the power of Europe, that called Hispania in that time (XIV century).

  • They thought, should not believe that they can be friendly and peacemakers, because the Europeans believe in the white supremacy and monarchy, also have weapons that can use for invading other territories (Africa, Asia and Oceanic) and kill them out instantly.

  • They used attack, they were stolen dairy other territories and captured others races for getting slaves. But those continents started to defend themselves versus the European invaders and almost stopped their invasion.

  • Well you can see around the world nobody could stop it, make me laugh when I saw a white people saying: ¨I´m African¨, and talking English with a big British accent. However like the effect or product from the invasion, saw black and Asian people telling there are French, English at least American.

  • Of course a lot of you, you will see normally, but under the true of the Humanity, this is like a degeneration of races, sexuality and other reason that can´t change it, you can say the sky is blue, because you never was up there, or you can say the is not life and other planet because you never was there, also, maybe you never will.

  • And the Human History, only the people don´t care themselves, never will care the true, the new generation of Human Being, the you must belong a new mixed race, where a lot races, cultures, traditions are change it for the freedom, because they still kill it themselves.

  • I don´t need tell you, what really happen with the politic problems of European, African, Asian countries, that only turn on your television, radio and look and listen the news daily, and you will see, how England has domestic terrorism, Spain still fighting versus the class of their 
    monarchy, France has not define their politic social life, Italy change their culture religion for that one their killed.

  • In Africa how the black race killed themselves with the worst barbarism, men kill it their own race with a machete, poisons, machine guns, and kill the people whom want runaway from the civilian war, does not care if were children, women or older people.

  • And Asia, the Chinese army use tanks for kill unarmed students, like in the Tienanmen Plaza, the others countries kill their brothers and so on.
    Can you see the ignorance of some ¨human being¨, these are the effects of the hungry of power and abuse in the peaceful people.

  • All those situations looks like the end of invasions but not was it, and the end was in the invasion of my Continental Territory and destruction of my Civilization, that come much faster, after their invasion experience.


  1. With Europeans’ society life’s ups and downs, the Europeans look for new ways for keep them kingdoms and monarchy, they started invading Africa, Asia and Oceanic Continent, things that for them were only savages people, when they invade these continents, the Europeans draw a lot sketch of men eating men, as soon they knew about the Africans men, strong people living in the poverty.

  2. The Europeans divided their forces for getting food, riches and slaves, but as they advanced in their invasion, later on found the riches of stones (pearls, gold, silver and diamonds), of course the leathers and skin of a lot animals, that disappear for their depredations. Everything returns to its beginning or to its end.

  3. The same thing happened with the invasion of my Continental Territory that you now called America.

  4. However, in this return of events, my Civilization was not even be able to bear the European Invasion with their weapons and experiences, my ancestors could be not stopped the European canons blowing in front them, breaking into pieces their cities, cultures, society and life.

  5. Those histories are what the European historians are unaware of because they believe themselves to be very powerful and their White Supremacy, with their weapons, capable of destroying such a giant. They are very mistaken.

  6. What was happening in that time of invasion of my Continental Territory, the destruction of the oldest cities, culture, scientific advances, great society, laws, government and much more, those bring the disintegration of my great Civilization.

  7. The European Invaders had built only destruction and holocaust around the world that they close the circle in Continental Territory. They have already completed it. The brutal powerful of the force with weapons, crimes and the negative of this racial invasion consequences are now coming for all us. Specially of my Civilization.

  8. Historians can deny this history book, with obsolete theories, ideas and speeches, as they are doing now and have done before, distorting the truth simply because of White Power Supremacy, but really hide the conceit and ambition for power. They treat you like a ignorant and blind.
    The white Spaniard, Portuguese, English's, French's, Italians, Germans European invaders, with their white supremacy at your back and ribs will laugh like braying gorillas, because they cannot be able to measure the consequences of what they have done.

  9. They have riddled the Continents, with the power of the brutal forces in order to control it, the all planet, without considering that each Continent has people, cultures, civilizations and different races and their Justices and Laws exist, and they were crushing everything.

  10. You cannot talk to them about peace because they bray and deny alliance with them, otherwise through their invasion. They believe they are gods for the white supremacy, and they are not, of course NOT.

  11. The false so called white supremacy power that exists today and has been devastated life, cultures, civilizations, and more, like the economically and morally of the countries, around the world because money has been invented, the European Invaders could disappear within a short time my whole Civilization in all my Continental Territory.

  12. The Europeans’ Invaders only bring hunger, destruction and poverty to my Continental Territory, that was the way of them for put an end of my peaceful Civilization. They were not being able to make a single movement of peace, for it they will remain invaders with the power of fear and terror. Then the European invaders must be in a Court Justice for punishing their evil actions.

  13. At this century, the most of good people are busy seeking the true, but other descendent of the European Invaders are hidden my Civilization history at all cost.

  14. This is precisely what happened in the Invasion in 1462 through 1876, where the European Invaders stole my Continental Territory, where the Europeans of the times were the Killers Invaders, portrayed by destruction and holocausts as a golden calf. Likewise in this time the European Invaders were a god, and this is totally wrong, in the human life.
    The European Invaders, whom now rant and rave so much about their white supremacy power, were the most auto destructive civilization, because having large sums of dead, murders among themselves, a Spanish man, who said he is a business man, told me: “yours old race was a savages people and we the Spanish got have killed it”, this man is the live example of the European Invaders.

  15. Those Invaders will get them anywhere when there is no place to invade or kill or stolen. They will punish and their descendant and fellows will fall to their knees and cry like a babies begging for a little pardon.

  16. When the European Invaders went to my Continental Territory and bring their slaves, deadly epidemics began to spread over my Continental Territory. Neither they could be save of the illnesses they were bringing.

  17. My ancestors, my Civilization was being powerless in the face of their epidemics. And my Civilization began to disappear from my Continental Territory. At that point, the European Invaders were having to kill, stolen, violated, mutilated and sale like slaves my ancestors in other Continents.
    While eat themselves the corpses of its fellow men and women, because of the over the invasion, hunger for the rich of my Continental Territory and unbearable conquers of the new land.

  18. When was the moment of the European Invaders started the invasion was a tragedy and darkness for my Civilization. They came here like a tremors, earthquakes and tidal waves. The Europeans were mentally unbalanced, because they were not being able to respect or learn about my Civilization's culture.

  19. My ancestors in front the face of danger Europeans, they were throw for the European Invaders Soldiers over the precipice, doesn’t care for them if they were children, woman or older persons. The European were completely mad.

  20. My Civilization started disappear. No city could be left on my Continental Territory, my cities floating on the water sink into the lakes, by the way after the European Invaders burned the houses. This is because the European Invaders has reached such a high level of ambition gold fever.

  21. My ancestors and the whole Continental Territory were full of panic even before the invasion has begun. Yet, no invader of the Old Continent Europe has the fear of kill within.

  22. They believed that they were lords and masters of life and that they were powerful. However, now they were going to see that there was indeed a lawless Territory, where they were the judges and killers of us according to themselves.

  23. Everything I am written in those pages is the true, which had been fulfilled since 1462, because I am certain about the end of the white European regimen, I see it, ´cause how they have they life and abuse in others.

  24. I am not grotesque person but I need tell you the true of the invasion of my Continental Territory, because I am distressed about this envy humanity, whom making their own destruction.

  25. These events were in the history, I am not invented and there is no time to waste my life for telling the true, the history by the voice of whom has been invaded for the European and their slaves.


  1. My Civilization's History is on an outlet street.

  2. I have already told you about the European Invaders but superficially, without much details, so as not to scare or hate people like you. I am considered another fatally destructive danger that no one can be able to stop: the mixed races.

  3. There are large, very deep feelings along the society, which are already making contact with the African, European, Asian and Oceanic races, but using my women ancestors, (of course you understand, I just talking about the success happened in the European’s invasion), within my Continental Territory.

  4. Those crimes and violations happening precisely because of European has fallen their monarch power, that the invaders and the slaves whom believe they are powers, they made violations and a lot atrocities, the European Invaders had committed and continue committing against my civilization and against Humanity around the world.

  5. The mixed race within my woman’s ancestor has already done. The European Invaders begun see that they could not keep more slaves under the forces, because the new land was too big, otherwise started appear a lot leaders from the slave family, whom fight for the freedom.

  6. But all those persons were crass with my civilization, It was not the Invasion to my Continental Territory, it was contact between the Old Continents cultures, traditions, within my ancestors life and society system and this is spreading throughout the fall European monarchy.

  7. As the cracks form of invasion, tidal crimes, violations and horrifying tortures occurrences on my Continental Territory and unrivaled army attacked my ancestors’ society. Every single city of my Civilization had been swept away, under the forces of the European Invaders.

  8. My Civilization in our own Continental Territory begun sinking into the barbarian actions of the European, because the invaders’ axis has already support and shifted due to all the invasions on Africa, Asia, Oceanic, being conducted.

  9. The European Invaders crave the most riches from my Continental Territory, specially when they started found wood, gold, silver, diamonds, food (vegetables, fruits, species, meats) and much more thing valuable for them.

  10. The European Invasion axis was already out of place, and through independence from their monarchs. But the thoughts of independence of their Kings, it was become completely loose and then the sinking of freedom was coming.

  11. You do not believe that I said here, that European Invaders independence from the European Monarchy was sunk suddenly.

  12. This is a long, slow, distressing and painful social process, which the new European societies were had to endure. Specially for the big mixed races and born a new mix race, where not only changed the faces of the white, black, and yellow races, if grew a new mix tradition social life, with only one thoughts in common, that was fall down the monarchy of their countries that they come from, in special the British and Spanish crown.

  13. The independence was sink piece by piece into the new society in my Continent, with the thoughts of a monarch until it reached its end, and still unbalanced society with a high power in the world.

  14. The distinguished independence revolutionaries had no idea of the atrocities they had committed against their monarchs. They will be victims of their own traitor at their Kings. There were already monsters or wild traitorous fellows on the independence of monarchy, which have fed on new races and societies. The warming of my Continental Territory of the freedom for them, were made them came out to seek refuge.

  15. They were reached the new land, my Continental Territory, for they could it made devastate all the monarchy fellows or servants, like a the laws, taxes and slavery. These wild revolutionaries having developed from the independence of their European Kings, were free.

  16. Thus, three dimensional mixed society will be nothing but made them more furious against European monarchy. What I am telling you here happened in that times of traitors and invaders.

  17. And this is not the end of it. The boiling of the freedom independence from the European monarchy, caused by the traitors of the European crown.

  18. And that was not the end of the European Invasion to my Continental Territory. The ambitions of the European Invaders Conquers caused by the ambition of riches and not for the freedom from the monarchy. Cause an astonishing crimes to rise in the new land, not only the murdered of my ancestors if no the assassination of themselves, of the represent from the European crown and others fellows.

  19. As soon as the rest of the servant of the European monarchy knew about the new land and the freedom they pretended be loyalty for the European crown that they started aboard ships for cross the Ocean, some or the most of them left their family, astonish the European crown never ashamed.

  20. When they started the invasion in my Continental Territory, the crimes, violation, stolen where anywhere, neither pathways were being able to escape, nor boats navigated in any river, lake or ocean. This European invasion cloud the life of my ancestors, was a total darkness was coming and my civilization on our Continental Territory was ceases to exist.

  21. I am not telling you, hate those actions, first you are not from my Civilization, neither from where you are, because there is a new mixed race grew from the European Invasion in my Continental Territory.

  22. Monarchy and Invaders were unaware of all those consequences they have caused with their invasion, crimes, barbarians’ invaders conquer actions. Therefore, no matter how monarchs they maybe, they were ignorant, wild invaders who did not care that they had sent it to kill, invade my Continental Territory.

  23. Later on all this situation caused mixed races and destroying my peaceful Civilization, they copied our social economic life for live in my Continental Territory. The European society tradition contaminated my whole Continental Territory and my Civilization living here.

  24. If we still stand is for the reason that when we were hides in mountains, we saw the necessity of creating weapons, but not like the fire and destroying weapon of the European invaders.

  25.  My ancestors saw how the European invaders, soldiers, religious men, and slaves, destroyed our cities, roads, sciences’ knowledge and advances, all our culture, civilization, our peaceful life in our Continental Territory.

  26. They, the European invaders stolen all our sciences discover, and they tried to use some of them they never understood, other, they delay centuries for can use it. Others they never believed how we can live with a strong society living in social peace, not like them, the European society.

  27. Then we started to know the invader’s traditions, culture and social life, their society we felt contaminating our organisms, but we must alternate with them, and grown again for makes our revenge, later on we stopped think about the revenge, because we knew that one day they will be destroyed themselves.

  28. The European invaders invented a lot stories about us, like the fictions names one of them ATLANTIS, they created a fantastic legends, that you must know already or at least had you hear about it, and is not necessary tell you that absurd tails, stories. Those and a lot kind of this success made us disappear, and we did not can makes’ anything, but my ancestors used for keep our civilization alive.

  29. The European invaders inhale and exhale because they were a living bodies. But when they exhaling, they contaminate the oxygen that my ancestors breathed, were stenches, this a real life example, when the European invaders put their tradition on our life changes our society life and they started stops the peace, this occurs like a monstrous air, then the mixed races were being born caused by this over all invasions, crimes, violations, tortures and mutilated that they made it to my ancestors.


  1. When my ancestors looking at our Civilization from their hide secret places, they saw that it has already disappeared, under the invaders soldier and religious men.

  2. My ancestors could not see life at all of any kind, animals or humans, I just referring of my Civilization not the invaders. Almost were dead.

  3. All that remains is for this cataclysm of European society that now they are physical in my Continental Territory, my Civilization began to vanish from my Continental Territory, as everything comes from above to below of the European Invasion.

  4. The European monarchy and their servant invaders were laughs at the top of their invasion like braying gorillas at what me telling you here, are not a hate remembers only the true, that occur long time ago, where the European invaders were being the most cowardly ones, for attacked an unarmed Civilization, but one day they will cry with knowing what they did to my peaceful Civilization.

  5. If we will desire makes, our revenge, they will run without knowing where to go or what to do.

  6. Well, what do I expect from the European Traitors of their Monarchs and Invaders of my Continental Territory? I expect their end. Those, whom falsely called themselves CONQUER are certainly INVADERS, but destructive, not constructive conquers ones.

  7. They were using forces, fire weapons, crimes, violations, tortures, mutilated and so on, to destroyed everything that has life, the life of my ancestors, my Civilization in all the Continental Territory that you named America.

  8. I have a question for this European Invaders, the ones’ racist, discriminated, anarchy, who are braying so loudly. “What you do not back to your predecessor’s Europe, Africa and Asia continent?”. Or, if you do not have an effective solution, “Could you let us live in peace, without racist and other of your social pestilence.


  1. I just have read histories and reports by European, trying to block out the true of the invasion of my Continental Territory with stupid legends, like the Atlantis, cannibals, wild tribes, Indian’s stories and so on. But they are lies.

  2. They do not told the true about my ancestor’s history and there is even less chance they do make me seen in their cheap stupid stories as they showing to the Humanity.

  3. Just as they are done with the invasion, which is rapidly approaching my ancestor’s history, discredit it (even daring to state like a heroes conquers face to world) so they had done with the invasion to others continents and my Continental Territory, by distorting them as wild animals, as hyenas.

  4. They said came here in peace and found the India short way, for not cross the Sues channel, because the European must paid a lot taxes for use it.

  5.  Now the historian said they did not cross the channel because the war, this is a big lie, because the inhabitant of Arabia put a price for cross it, something that is legal, that was the reason the Europeans send the “Saint war in the name of God”. This was a prelude for the invasion of my Continental Territory.

  6. The invasion among the 1st to 15th centuries. Was the big experience of the invaders, maybe in that times is not existing the countries that now you know in Europe, because they were training for fight like a wild society, the true they were barbarian.

  7. For it the power of the barbarian was the brutal forces and their traditions were murder and pillage, they think are superior humans and wise beings. But the true is that they like steal goods for other cultures for grown their nefarious society.


  9. I have talked with Europeans, Africans and Asians people many times, some of them are very logic persons and they are disagreeing with the war, but not all of them have the same thoughts.

  10. I have been in Asia, Africa and Europe by consciously traveling with my own effort and money, no there any support gave me the money and I can bear the witness to these marvelous Continents and cultures.

  11. There are no words to describe their wisdom, their culture and the business life that they live.

  12. But I found a lot poverty in all the countries of each three continents, specially on England and Spain countries, when I asked to the successors of the Invaders of my Continental Territory, about all the riches they were stolen from Civilization, they could it answered this simple question, and change the topic saying the Germans stole us, later on the corruption of our governments, has made disappear the treasures.

Do you believe that stupid responds? Please


  1. The China country one of the most big countries in Asia, have perfect history, you can find a bad and good persons, smart persons living in the poverty and a lot person with a lot opportunities with a great business, thanks the free international trade in the wide of the country. Well, they have an astonishing intelligence in business, carve, drawn, handcraft, tourism, military, police, cities, and so on.

  2. The people in the have a lot activities, they have a night life, also the people are curious, if they so anyone new in town. Everybody has an angelic and wicked temperament, but is fantastic place.

  3. There is a perfection in business and culture, men and women with an ascendant society have superior tradition.

  4. They wear a typical dresses and western clothes, the education is a high level. Of course is not for everyone, because the poverty has made the people steal for food, when in danger, they look like a movie on the street, a circle of inhabitants is formed which can do nothing more than see it.

  5. Is nice know that they have a great benefices for the education, I met with a lot ordinary people whom been graduated in engineer.

  6. Of course I saw on the street a lot people protesting for the government’s regimen, I remember saw in the sidewalk a man with wick clothes, with a small paper written “that he was a teacher in the government kick off the job”, later other old man, he was protesting to the actual government, because he was a warrior with Mao, the Socialist leader, and he now live in the worst poverty, and no one helps him.

  7. The capitol Beijing is a large city and you need three or five days for knowing it, an inhabitant told me, a person with very radical ideas.
    The Great Wall, for them are a monument of war and protection, for other is an institution from where get money, with smallest business.

  8. When the tour guide said, that was a big military idea build this Great Wall for defending the China country, this inhabitant said with a big spirit of war and revenge, something that I felt. When he asked me about the Great Wall, I respond him, “I can’t believe how the human beings can create so magnificent construction for the war, and my culture they will be made it for the communication among cities”

  9. This inhabitant turned like an evil, were mad, for my opinion, otherwise this inhabitant asked me. Later on, this inhabitants were calm down, but still upset, but I told to the manager I am tourist so I can think anything I want, specially if someone asks me. Also, I come from a special Civilization where we do not believe in wars.

  10. Really, Beijing is a biggest city, and is divided for the old Beijing, but is not very old, because all that builds come from 1940-50’s, but under them are the ashes of some cities, dominated for the old emperor regimen. You can visit the Prohibited City, the Summer Palace and a lot history in the carver stones.

  11. I was walking on the capitol city, have a lot tourists from anywhere, specially from Russia, Germany, incredible a lot Cubans, you’ll find, I don’t know what is they doing there. But, are a lot of them, also there are an Embassy and a lot Consulates.

  12. The markets are clean and very full of items, specially of exotic food, well, some of them I had never see it before, others that I did not know it was food.

  13. Sometimes I felt that I was in Central America, but the reason was, the influence of the Spanish Conquers, besides the English, Germans and French.

  14. Others cities look like feudal possessions, a lot progress like a western cities, and some are with the traditional mode of China.

  15. A lot people use bicycles for transport themselves, other the buses and the rest automobiles, there are a lot business, stores, restaurants, the people almost the most are service and attendants with the customers. But, here’s the bad news, the thieves, are in everywhere you must walk and care yourself, specially your personal items.

  16. Whatever, those situation is products of the grown UN-structure society, and the leaders or government, can’t stop the poverty, even the education is good for the children, but a lot people become stay out the law.

  17. However, you can guess it, well I cannot talk or write a lot of China, because I wrote a letter that I promise, wrote about the politicians life and government acts of China. Then they gave me the China visa.

  18. I was two times, in that big country, maybe I will back, for visits some friends that I knew in those trips. Specially someone, XJR, who will in a big place in my soul, a kind of person in a traditional Chinese


  1. The first time I arrived on Budapest Airport, looks like visits a friendly and warming country, the country of the vampire, I could not visit Transylvania, the home town of Dracula, my short visit not was enough to see a lot, but their people are nice.

  2. The streets are very strange, a lot business but only salesmen, the women are hides, maybe they are afraid of the tourist, are remarkable see the clean of those cities. Next time I will see more of this mountain country.
    When I was talking with a lot Rumanians, they were very friendly, but they like have a mystery about the Dracula legend, also have some people look with a scaring face, like a movie picture.

  3. I felt like be in a movie frame sometimes, I saw some small restaurant but very busy, and you know what of food were sale, a Mexican food, and a lot Rumanian like it. Also, they like the Latino American music and pop music from United States.

  4. I could passes unnoticed or without surprise, they are talk and have shape personality, I had look myself like a little boy, it is a culture the likes of business men has never been seen before.

  5. The landscape on Rumania isn’t compact, like El Salvador, well, there is a big mountains, and a nice landscape scenic routes, nice weather, nice people, I might imagining them to be like views and peoples inside a movie picture. There are large mountains, with a strong and big castles.


  1. The trees are not huge and the vegetation has a good view landscape and there are olive, vines in the mountains and valleys. From certain point the view of these plant making the way. You could see the mountains without need binoculars, because there is nothing to block the view. There is no danger from wild animals, but for the people, sometimes.

  2. Fruit trees are planted on the flat ground of big valleys with small mountains with well fertilized soil, thing that they bear fruit. There nobody takes a piece of fruit simply because they has rules and privacy, but they waiting until it is ripe and season for pick the fruit. Some places used waters channels ways for pick the fruit, where it goes through a cleaning process.

  3. After the grapes or olive has been processed it goes through another produces where it is packed. Later there it goes to storage s. And then it is packed very selected. Those are ones of their business.

  4. Regarding the Spanish history, I see that people can’t compare ours with theirs life, but in fact their past is perfectly weak, like a servant and slavery lives, under the monarchy of a forces kingdom. There was no freedom in any town, no social rules, so that you can see into the depths of the social, economic and political life, nothing from the people, only from the monarchs.

  5. The Spanish monarchy, were extremely tame and were not afraid of anyone. There were people in the kingdom where fed with a lot of good food, meanwhile the people were hungry. When they need to eat something, the monarchy look to see which town were the biggest or which ones they want to use, without handling them.

  6. The Spanish inhabitants are not like us, they crowd around and criticize a person with a physical defect. If you are talking with a Spanish person they still carry on with their work and continue about their business, without paying attention to you.

  7. There are places where the Spanish go and sit, they meeting and argue their social life, and race roots, they are really mixed races, traditions and cultures.

  8. The discrimination is highly, the people from the cities believe are more than the people from towns, the same thing happens with the clothes. That they can make the differences.

  9. There are a lot differences in society or communities, the equality is not for everybody.

  10. The streets on the Spanish’s cities are like ours, the avenues are very pretty, highly decorated large monuments. A lot cities grown since the invasion of my Territory Continental.

  11. And you can see the new buildings with the old constructions, surrounded with our building. To build those cities they do not used their own effort and money.

  12. I have note, for strange reason the Spanish men and women prefer a Latino American groomers, the Spanish men have preference for other culture women, than their own culture’s women.


  1. On Great British is exactly the same as on Spain, the difference is the language. There is social life freedom of the monarchs, but they still exist. The English like the others Europeans can travel to every country in Europe, by train, by bus, or by airplane, without needing passports and without needing anyone’s permission.

  2. However they can go, there is a lot nice places to visit, cities, beaches, forest, rivers, country side, a lot places on England. Whatever they can visit their own country or others, the English find everything on the Europe, because there are no closed borders for them.

  3. It is exactly the same way on Central America, with complete freedom to traveling.

  4. The English are mostly taller, but some are shortens, well after the independence from the monarchs, other races are grown and mixed with the white race, like African and Asian people and look freedom, for they belong to the social revolution.

  5. On London every soldier wear old uniform shield, helmet and some a suit armor. All these old army clothes are for remember their monarchs past, and make decoration culture and history city.

  6. The soldiers on duty stand for hours, without move. Showing that they are warriors belong the kingdom. But not warriors as we knew, not anymore conquers or invaders.

  7. There are social wars among them. Some still radical, remember the tyranny of monarch, other fight for freedom, independence, like in the north part of England.

  8. Their war is against social political life, the English can not unleash their social problem, certainly this domestic war, belong since the family clan has the power on Great British, long time ago.

  9. I wish tell you that on England everybody live and works using brute force as we do in our Continent.

  10. When the couples has a child born, they give a full care where he gets special food, until he is old enough to live alone.

  11. Then the children are enough to begin his education, they go to a school, which is a lot facilities workshop, with instructor, tutor and teachers available to help their education.

  12. The children will learn everything need to get knowledge through practice. The teacher help the children to find their vocation, the tutors of those schools teach them how to use the knowledge and let them develop their owns projects, ideas, and so on.

  13. If the children has a project or idea to produce something, the teacher, tutors help them to develop or complete it until thy makes real their ideas, like them want.

  14. Therefore, with all this education plan from the government look likes nobody is ignorant, and everybody are prepared for the social life. But, the reality is not like that.

  15. There is a lot different religion churches and priest to merry them. The unite with their partner of life or their better half, as we call them spouse, which is the complement of their social life. Well, could be man and woman, man and man or woman and woman.

  16. You can follow a religions of any kind. The sex preference is mutual respect towards social life and social traditions.

  17. There is a lot fornication like any place in the world. When, the unite sexually to have children is not belong anymore to a regular couple, (man and woman).

  18. There is a lot sexual degeneration as there is on the whole Europe, when the priest are even marrying homosexuals.

  19. The transsexuals is more declared and accept for their society, and you can see a lot sexual atrocities, that thing they bring to any part of the planet.

  20. There is nobody sweats, seeing those degeneration life, otherwise are belong of their social life roll.

  21. The English monarchy are so powerful that they are born, grow and die at will. But the social revolution denied their kingdom, now they exist but only like a living story, an ornament of their history.

  22. The monarchs become ashes in the English society in a matter of their power, but a lot people still protest about they pay taxes for the monarch family can live and exist. The ordinary people said is not right, give money for them.

  23. On Great British and the other countries the law was made for respect social life and everything concerning the life of the inhabitants.

  24. When the fall down of the monarchy, the law specific respect the freedom of each person. It is not as with the monarchs of the old England want to control the English purely by means of threats, sword and arrows.

  25. Thus, I have described Great British a little to tell you, that you do not know anything about their life in their own country, as they deny our existence of a great civilization.


I am telling this history so that everybody will know the truth once and for all, that we are not Indians, like the only inhabitants of America Continent (such you know it).

Instead, we are the loser ones of Europeans’ invasion.

Thanks to the Europeans invaders that believe they are great powers, think they belong everything, we died under their lethal weapons.

The dead of my Civilization is revealed by the atrocities that the European's invaders are committing against my peaceful Civilization.
 They shouldn’t try to tell you the true and crimes that they made it, in my Civilization.

I am giving you a little piece of the real history of the European's invasion to my Continental Territory, so that the Europeans power has been hide it.

In this book you see how the famous Europeans conquers and their monarchs power had the whole world wrapped up in big lies and threats in the history of the humanity and my Civilization’s culture.

I am telling these facts from the Humanity life, because I really want to publish the catastrophe that started disintegrated my Civilization, that means all my ancestors, cultures, social life, cities and all my Continental Territory.

The Justice will describes those European's invaders as “the worst barbarian”. Other words, that nothing could stop them.

I am stand by what I am telling you always. Like my ancestors die to stand by the truth, I will do the same.

The Europeans invasion was happen because, my peaceful civilization didn’t fight back, to the European's invasion.

Therefore, neither other races or civilization from Africa, Asia and Oceanic Continents could stop the European's invasion.


  • I am writing very clearly for you can understand the seriously of this case, hide and change our history to all you. I trying rescued the true from the hide places of the Europeans monarchs powers and white supremacy and their fellows.

  • I am not a fear activist, I am descendent of a great Peaceful Civilization, beside I am a human being, telling you my ancestors’ history and the true of the Europeans invasion. And comparing the social life of the old continents with my Civilization life, for you can see the big difference, because you belong to their races creation.





----                 -----                  ----


----                  -----                 ----


  Esta forma social, es un conflicto para las generaciones modernas de la población en este planeta, que han estado y seguirán subyugados a unos grilletes invisibles que es la IGNORANCIA, diseñada por las fuerzas opresoras y explotación del Ser Humano.

  Ahora, es nuestro momento de dar a conocer nuestro Sistema Social, antes de que desaparezcamos los últimos de mí Civilización de este Continente, al que ustedes lo conocen como AMERICA.

 Así, que antes de desaparecer del todo en la faz de la tierra, damos este último grito para, que quede huella del Genocidio más grande que hicieron los INVASORES desde 1460, cuando comenzaron a invadir, hurtar y apropiarse a todo mí Territorio Continental, casi destruyendo a toda mí Civilización y, como en toda guerra invasora, los intrusos despotas y prepotentes con su fuerza bruta son los ganadores, asi se toman el Derecho de escribir la Historia a su antojo.''

   Pero, los que quedamos a salvo de este holocausto genocida, con un poco de fuerza, dejamos este legado de conocimiento, para que conozcan la realidad de nuestra desgracia histórica.

 Estos invasores, gobernados por una minoría de familias Monárquicas, la oligarquía anarquista de los Reyes, con regimenes feudalistas, que gobernaron durante siglos a toda Hispania (ahora Europa).'''

  Ahora les voy a dar esta definición de lo que es el  '' CLASIRAZICULTONACISOCISTA "


''Es la de una clase social, en la que sólo nos concentramos en el bien común del Ser Humano, sin permitir la entrada de intereses creado o personales.''


''Es la de una raza, que ha desarrollado la conciencia social comunitaria, como Ser Humano, para mantener una armonía entre todo Ser Viviente en nuestro Continente Territorial.''


''Es la de una cultura, que es completamente universal, en la cual sus escuelas son para toda la sociedad, la enseñanza es basada en el bienestar social, orientando e instruyendo a la población en conservar una Paz mutúa en todos los estratos unificados en una sola sociedad.''


''Es la de un nacimiento, en un Orden Comunitario de valor Humano, en la que desde sus primeros días de gestación en la matriz de la mujer, se les empieza a dar afecto familiar, transmitiendoles la unificación de una clase social Humana.''


''Es la de una Sociedad, basada en la vida comunitaria del Ser Humano, en donde todo Ente Social es importante, para la subsistencia, existencia de un Orden Social Comunitario del Ser Humano, dandole auge a la formación de la Conciencia Social Comunitaria, en una vida sin opresión racial, física o mental.''

 Sistema social filosófico...


 Término Ideológico de la Filosofía del Sistema Político, Económico, Cultural y Orden Social, de la Civilización Ahlcoua, la verdadera Civilización destruida por los Hispanos hoy en día conocidos como Europeos.

 Este término denota la pureza de una clase racial nacida en un sólo Orden, Etica y Moral en una sociedad comunitaria, basada en el Bien Común de la población de este Territorio Continental, que ha sido nombrado por los invasores Hispanos (hoy Europeos), como Continente de "América''.

''Desde la invasión a mí Territorio Continental, mí Civilización ha sido la base madre del Modernismo Mundial y de muchas corrientes Filosóficas; desde la independencia británica y la Toma de la Vastilla hasta la Perestroika.

 La Civilización Ahlcuoa fue destruida en el Holocausto Genocida más grande de la Historia de la Humanidad, hecha por los Hispanos (Europeos), desde 1460 hasta 1526, en donde no solo asesinaron a un trillon de personas (desde infantes hasta personas ancianas), sino que hurtaron toda nuestra ciencia, cultura, idioma, tecnología, e hicieron actos de pillaje y barbarie, típico comportamiento de los Hispanos, hoy conocidos como Europeos.''

''En los tiempos de la invasión al Continente Uhlahm Uuhtahm, hoy en dia nombrado como el Continente de America, los ahora conocidos como Españoles, tuvieron el Poder Mundial que duro casi cuatro siglos, terminando por su decadencia social y politica.

 Hasta la fecha no ha existido otro Poder Politico que se le compare.

El mundo entero, ha sido víctima de la Fuerza Irracional, de los que se creen la Supremacía racial, más fuerte del mundo.

 Aúnque la Humanidad ha llegado al siglo XXI, de la opresión racial, comenzada en los viejos Continentes, la gente común, no se han dado cuenta, que las tienen con grilletes al cuello, tal como se tuvo a la raza negra durante siglos, no se dan cuenta también que estamos siendo crucificados, como al principio de estos dos milenios, solo por no creer en sus obsoletas ideologías y Orden Social Esclavista.''

''La explotación de la Humanidad no termina, ni va a terminar, si no se le da una preparación a la infancia, una instrucción a la juventud, y una conciencia social al adulto.''

''El mundo no se va a componer de la noche a la mañana, asi como estos grupos aíslados de explotadores de la Humanidad, llegaron a tener el poder mundial, implantarón la ignorancia, la superstición, los mitos, el temor a lo desconocido, lo que es péor el terror a la ciencia, a la tecnología, a la sociedad y liquidar a todo aquel que no comulgue sus obsoletas creencias.

''El fuerte o la arma más apreciada, por estos opresores es la "ignorancia", es asi como les han metidó en su cerebro ideas espirituales, místicas, obsoletas, supersticiosas a las nuevas razas en las que tú perteneces, a travez del tiempo, estos opresores, han llegado a tener experiencia y conocer nuevos métodos de explotación.

  Han logrado, hacer creer a la Humanidad que el mundo es una plataforma flotante en el espacio, la cual esta sotenida por grandes pilares que son ellos, la gran supremacia racial blanca.''

Hablarle y hacer entender a una parte del pueblo nacional y mundial, acerca del sistema de vida socio-poli-cultural y económico de mi Civilización, esta duro, más duro como la gran muralla China, que se ha mantenido intacta por miles de años.

 En vista que solo me encuentro con gente cerrada de mente, con un ignorantismo social, con gente que tiene las agallas de gritar para, esconder lo analfebeta de conciencia común del Ser Humano, porque para ellos, solo existen sus propios intereses creados y personales.